The Story of a Picture is Music

...listen yourself...

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

by Rolf-Peter Wille

A picture tells a thousand words, says the famous proverb; and it may also sing quite a few tunes, I would like to add.

Do you see that noble troubadour standing in front of the old castle? He looks so sad and lonely, dwarfed by the grim ruins of those medieval walls. What is he singing? Of course he is chanting a wistful medieval lament. Are you not hypnotized by that monotonous dirge-like melody? You can even hear the pulse of his lute accompaniment as his cold fingers are slowly plucking the strings.

Why is he so sad? But don’t you know it? He is thinking about the lovely little Laideronnette, empress of the pagodes. She lived with her servants, the pagodes and pagodines, in the enchanting castle with its hanging gardens. In the morning she used to take her bath to the accompaniment of viols and lutes made of nutshells. If you listen attentively you can still hear the Chinese march in the distance. The pagodes are dancing, chirping and busily plucking the strings of their toy-like instruments while Laideronnette slowly lets out her beautiful long hair. One day in spring a young Persian prince…

…they all died a long, long time ago; and the troubadour still chants his lonely lament in front of the ruined castle.

A picture can tell a story and become music. But listen yourself…

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